Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 1 – Chocolate

Away we go with day one – Chocolate! It’s chocolate mousse from Le Cellier! They didn’t have it on the menu at the time, but it was offered to us as a daily dessert offering and I was so excited when I saw it – adorable! Mousse shaped like Moose! And so very tasty! ~*~*~*~Continue reading “Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 1 – Chocolate”

Nanowrimo is over and it is safe to change my banner

This year was a tough year for me with Nano. As far as time was concerned it was going to be an awesome year because I had a regular schedule, with set shifts and days off – everything was going to work out. I started off strong and about a week in I came acrossContinue reading “Nanowrimo is over and it is safe to change my banner”

I’ve Been Waiting – haven’t we all

When I think about what I want in life…. that’s almost exactly what always happens. An ellipsis. Ellipsis can be anything. Sure they are generally an omission or have a set of rules to abide by, but they can be anything. They can be a start of something, an intro, a cliff, an end, thereContinue reading “I’ve Been Waiting – haven’t we all”