About the Mess

I Grab Hypo

The biography page of “the writer A. N. Stetzl” – no comma, but a little IMG_9909bit of hyperbole.

My name is A and this is my hub of the woods known as The Power of Mess; something I created some time ago when I was much younger and had less inhibitions when it came to the real world. If you are new here it wouldn’t surprise me as I am quite new to here, being WordPress, myself.

Sometimes I have more hobbies than I can count on my fingers and my toes: writing, doodling, creating, social media-ing, designing, cosplaying, photographing, art-ing, thinking, baking, learning, reading, movies-ing, vlogging, blogging, geocaching, gaming, editing, eating, bathing, relaxing, adventuring, etc. Overall, I just like to keep busy and share my view of the world – it may not be the right one for you and that is okay but my view is here just the same, and so is yours.

Be Tenth Sights

I don’t think I could ever have a top ten list because there are so many things that I care for in life; my favourites, if you will. There will never come a time when I have read enough Giles Blunt, an amazing Canadian author and I only wish that I could weave crime like him. Disney is one of my highlights in life – I love the characters and the stories (even if some of them are adaptations); if I could work for Disney my life would almost be complete. Though I could never pick a favourite movie, there are a handful that easily take top regards: Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, Wall-e, Up, Robin Hood, The Rescuers, and The Great Mouse Detective – of course! Sorcerer Mickey is probably my favourite character, and Meeko is my favourite sidekick. Jones is amazing – more on that later. Swanson TV dinners are amazing, along with sweet pastries, pina coladas, gelato, medieval history (specifically Roses timeline), postcards and snail mail are some of the greatest presents, Beautiful Katamari is great for any mood, and cosplaying… somehow I just merged food into fabric but I am okay with this.

Tragic Interview

My true love – passion – interest in life is the creation and manipulation of the written word. Not just writing or word-smithing, but taking an idea and branching it out to where there is something more than just the signifiers and the signified. It is my goal in life to make others happy through written word and its extension of self. Everything has endless possibility.

There are a few publications to my name – but always a hunger and potential for more.

Cloves Tree

If I ever found a partner in crime, the one who is soul bound to me in the extent that we would turn to dust if unenchanted, it would be Mr. A. Our partnership/companionship/lovership (if you will) has always been a case of smitten excitement.

IMG_1712The first time A offered to buy me coffee, he trusted me with his debit and wrote his pin code on my hand – it was the identical pin code that I had and the rest is our story, constantly evolving into newfangled and interesting levels.

We started dating in 2008 and 1576 days later – he proposed in front of the magic castle at Disneyland. The wedding took place 2354 days after our first kiss, and the numbers in the date are the same digits from that pin number all those days ago.

Friar Yum Fly

Just as we were Jones’ humans, we are now humans to Gustaf Katten.


He is a bit of an introvert and an independent spirit, but he knows when you need some extra attention. If he could, he would probably be outside hunting mice, squirrels, and birds. Vancouver has been a bit of a change for all of us though, so he has retired to the inside life. You can follow his life on Instagram: @guskatten.


Jones left to cross the rainbow bridge in 2015 – but he did so after we had returned from our honeymoon and had a final few weeks with him. He was a courageous cat who often thought of us ahead of himself and he will always hold a place in our hearts. We are thankful for the time we had with our furry friend.

 Send me Mail! I Love It!

New address coming soon!

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