A. N. Stetzl likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. She is silly putty that has lost it’s container, but to everyone’s amazement has somehow never dried up. Some things that shouldn’t inform your thoughts on her writing are that she is married, in her late twenties, bisexual, and would like to retire in Ireland with a house full of cats. The only form of music she isn’t fond of is Country and she dislikes writing about herself in third person so that is enough of that.

If you asked a group of people who had interacted with me about their first thoughts they would say something like: sassy, outgoing, overwhelming, a little intimidating, loud, spastic, creative, caring, open-minded, and emotional. Some of those things sound like I am a bit of a basket case, but it is not a bad mix.

I have been to more funerals than most people my age, always have a few things on the go, love interacting with people, and have been known to read obituaries. Came full circle there didn’t we?

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