If you should find yourself reading this, I beseech you to continue. My name is Azaelia Teagloom, a Halfling, and I am in the mind to join a party that may be in need of some unique talents. Should you be interested, and trusted by Grigory, then I will provide you with my credentials.

The story in this tome is that of the development of… shall we say, talents. Once you are verified, I would be happy to present this to you so that your party may learn of my very existence. Though still in development, I think you will see that the skills that are infused with my being can be most useful on any quest your party may endure.

Send your response with Grigory and he will validate you upon his return. The only indemnity I require are sweet rolls.



Growing in a world that has forgotten the old ways is hard, never mind being a Halfling. Sensing her parents’ indifference and struggling to keep her magic a secret, Azaelia leaves everything she knows for a chance to discover herself.

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