It’s 2017!

It’s actually three months into 2017 and the year seems to have plateaued already. January 1st came and looked back at the year that was 2016 and then decided that it was just going to cruise. That it could get away with not doing anything because so much happened in 2016.

2016 was a fairly interesting year for myself. On the writing front I was able to move into some content writing with my day job, Nanowrimo was completed with a week to spare, a month-long series of letters to myself (May Amy), and Teagloom started to test the waters of the world. Outside of writing… there was a lot: four 5K runs, a 10K run, a half marathon, two job title changes, 2 competitive seasons in Overwatch, a trip to Walt Disney World, a new vehicle, and my family moving closer. There was also another completion of the 12 Days of ScrtChristmas and another failed attempt at reviving the 50bookchallenge channel (which will hopefully have better luck this year).

The only thing that feels lacking is the writing front. As an individual I feel somewhat accomplished with 2016, but as a writer… there is more that I could have done. Last year was the year of running so I am going to try to make writing the focus this year. The goal (finances depending) is to get at least two of my novels out there: Teagloom and Death Defines Us.

While I think that DDU has a more widespread audience there was a fair bit of interest in Teagloom after it was posted on Inkshares for the Geek & Sundry contest. There were a fair bit of eyes on it and quite a bit of contact after the contest had ended about when it was going to come out so that’s the goal. The checklist is a medium-sized but doable before summer… I think:

  • Second draft completed
  • Copy edit
  • Cover designed
  • ISBN purchased
  • Imprint formed
  • Kickstarter… maybe?
  • Published
  • AND at least one convention appearance
    • which means a table and marketing material


All things considered that seems fairly doable.




Alright. I post here and then I don’t post here. It comes and goes, and its in bursts, but I’m back again with another project.


There are 26 days left in my 26th year on this planet so I thought let’s do this! We’ve been through every day May Amy, what’s next. And the answer is more challenges for myself and pushing the limits of my creativity.

What can you expect? I wish I had a cut throat detailed answer for you, but all I can say is keep an eye on my social media channels. The next 26 days will entail posts across my main platforms:



May Amy – #1 – Welcome to the world!


Dear Newborn Amy,

Welcome to the world, it’s a pretty interesting place and there is going to be a lot to look at and a lot of people who want to hold you or just be in your face. It can be too much some times, but should you ever have a chance to read this (regardless of how unlikely that is) I want you to know that its okay to cry – like a ton. Mom and Dad are new to this, but they will co-exist peacefully and be fine parents.

Other things that you might be interested in:

  • For some reason there are quite a few giant teddy bear looking things in the house. I’m still not 100% sure where they came from, but I am going with a carnival or fair of some kind. In fact someone will put you in the giant Kangaroo’s pouch at some point and be prepared for a potential fall. Someone will be holding you, but its best to prepare for the worst.
  • Both green and orange baby foods are delicious and completely acceptable to eat. You may not believe me, but you might as well get used to it since you have no control over what they will select.
  • On the topic of what you cannot select, Halloween costumes. You have many to look forward to and they will not be of your choosing for some time.
  • Last important note: try to avoid putting things in your mouth. This one might be hard, because things are quite fascinating to us, but your mouth is still tiny so just be smart about it… or at least as smart as your tiny body can be.

I’m sure there are other things you’d like to know, but they will come when the time comes. Like that.. you are going to hear a lot of strange words and noises come out of people’s’ mouths… and they won’t always sound like English. People are weird when it comes to babies so just do your best.

Last thing:”Woo woo” goes away as a nickname. I promise.


2015 Project for Awesome – Ablegamers Foundation

Hello, World!

It’s the 2015 Project for Awesome and this year, as always, I’ve chosen another new group to bring into focus. One of the things I love most about the Project for Awesome is that it brings a ton of new organizations and movements to light and helps decrease world suck across a variety of countries, areas, and charities.
This year it is all about the Ablegamers Foundation, and I’ve stolen this tidbit from their site because I think it describes them best:
“Video games allow individuals with disabilities to experience situations that may be difficult or limited in the real world, provide social networking opportunities to maintain mental and emotional health, and participate in one of the world’s largest pastimes.”

Be sure to vote for this great cause here:

If you want to know more, definitely check them out:
Check out their page:

Shop for a cause:
Donate directly:
Volunteer time:


On another note, if you are unsure of what the Project for Awesome is…

Or if you want to see the evolution of my Project for Awesome videos and support these projects as well:
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Don’t forget to be awesome!

Guys – I’m writing a novel

Alright – I feel like this header/title/whateveryouwanttocallit is a bit of a misnomer because I’ve written novels in the past and what I am working on right now feels like straight up word vomit.

NanoWrimo is upon us – We are officially on day 6 (in my time zone) – I am 15,000  words in.

That is the most words I have EVER had this early in the game. Keeping in mind that for four years I was also in post secondary during this time of the year, and last year I was a newly wed and starting my new job so I was lucky enough to even make it though 50,000. All things considered, I feel incredible.

I am pantsing this year – which is a not so fancy… I don’t even know who came up with that term… way of saying that I am jumping into this without an idea or anything. In fact November 1st popped up and I still had no clue so I decided to just write about my D&D character – she needed a back story… I may have told my DM I already had one, it’s okay he’ll take it easy on me for lying since I am his wife.

If you are also into NanoWrimo – add me!

If you aren’t then a) why not and b) if you’re not crazy/have sanity/are not a writer – and you just want to know what the heck I am talking about then you should check it out.

Either way – here is my author bio:


My apologies for the somewhat dismal previous post, and then the lack of follow-up post. Hopefully I will have a chance to write more to update this site soon, but that may be delayed due to this little thing called Nanowrimo. In the mean time if you miss this glorified hobby horror of my writing – then I have also started a little fan fiction here:


All my best — or whatever 🙂


12 Days of Scrt Christmas

Since my first Christmas on Youtube I have been doing a bit of a project of sorts called the 12 Days of ScrtChristmas. Vlogging everyday was never something that I could find the time for because… well… life, but once a year I challenge myself to post a video for twelve days in a row. This year will mark my seventh year of doing this.

It is a strange thought for me that I could spend seven years doing anything, though I am definitely not the person who just graduated high school it still feels like it was yesterday… and yet seven years. It adds a little bit of perspective because, you know, being married and drowning in student loan debt isn’t enough perspective. It is strange how some things in life can affect us and the feeling we have towards the current, and yet it is puzzling. Why do I feel like high school was yesterday when it wasn’t. Scary thought of the day is that a ten-year reunion is around the corner for me, but I don’t feel like it should be. Does this mean I am young at heart or does it make me immature, various people would argue either side.

There is that age-old adage – or whatever that term is – that you are only as old as you feel. Maybe I just think of it as an adage because I have had it barked at me so many times. I don’t feel old, therefore I am not. Last Monday I was at a work event and someone overheard me talking about my husband, which caused them to quickly interject and apologize before asking me how old I was. I suppose I just give off this vibe and maybe my looks as well, but here is where the puzzling bit comes in. I feel like high school was yesterday, but I also feel as though at my age my being married is normal. So I don’t see my age and then I do at the same time.

I decided I would just face the last seven years head on so I put them all in my first video of this years 12 days of ScrtChristmas. What can I say? I am just a hopeless wanderer – and yes I am hash tagging it #12DoSC

The second video has already been posted and the third one is scheduled for tomorrow at noon, but you can always link to those through the Youtube – where ScrtSolstice originated for me. For now, here’s the beginning to year seven:

– A

Nanowrimo is over and it is safe to change my banner

This year was a tough year for me with Nano.

As far as time was concerned it was going to be an awesome year because I had a regular schedule, with set shifts and days off – everything was going to work out. I started off strong and about a week in I came across a user who had already reached 50,000 words and for whatver reason my ambition was taken down a few pegs. Let’s chalk it up to the fact that I am an impressionable person, I like competition as a means to increase my ambition when when individuals are so far ahead it becomes disheartening. Good news? Spoiler Alert? I made it to 50,000.

What I love most about Nanowrimo is that it is you and your book and the only thing in your way is yourself. It takes some flexibility, perserverance, and a dash of adaptability. So another novel has come and gone.. sort of… “Death Defines Us” (workign title) still has a great deal of editing to do, but the plot is something that I really enjoyed creating.

November has only just ended and I have already begun to dive into costumes for the upcoming conventions AND a whole new project of sorts. Which as of right now kind of looks like a mess, but I’ll leave some preview shots. Its going to be a good year with more of a presence on the site and else where!



Let’s start with something ridiculous

It is almost funny how one word can change a statement.

Let’s start with something ridiculous
Let’s with something ridiculous
Let’s start something ridiculous
Let’s start with ridiculous
Let’s start with something
Start with something ridiculous

So we’ve been a few Fridays without gifs – they can take some precious time away from writing, and since its Nanowrimo… I need anything I can get.
So enjoy this consolation post – that’s all I’ve got until the day of birth is over on Thursday.


I’ve Been Waiting – haven’t we all

When I think about what I want in life…. that’s almost exactly what always happens. An ellipsis.

Ellipsis can be anything. Sure they are generally an omission or have a set of rules to abide by, but they can be anything. They can be a start of something, an intro, a cliff, an end, there really is no limit. It’s endless. They are the penultimate because there is always something after.

I have spent the last few days thinking about my day job and my aspirations, and what exactly is holding me back from doing what I want out of life. Lately… (there it is again) it feels like what is holding me back is the fact that I am Canadian. How silly does that sound.

What I have wanted for a while is to move away and start fresh in a city – yup, you nailed it. This is where the music normally queues in to a corny movie that will have some life lesson that will be played out by adults pretending to be teenagers. Everyone complains about it and it is nothing new. But the fact is, I can’t run away to California and try to jump into the industry. Could try, sure, but the visa would expire and I would have to come back. It seems like no matter what I do I will need to aspire to be Canadian first and then move on.

Don’t get me wrong – I love being Canadian. I love the sights and sounds, I love knowing where I am in the heart of Vancouver or Edmonton, I love the sound of skates gliding on ice and sticks hitting pucks, I could never get enough of rain hitting the Skytrain tracks – but there is no limit to what is Canadian. Its endless – it’s an ellipsis, but then that is promising right? Because that means there will at least be something after it…


IMG_8829Photo taken by Amy Stetzl at Word Ruckus 2013