Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 30 – See Ya Real Soon

    This was another tricky one for me. Mr. A Squared noticed a few of these when I was hunting for It’s a Small World pictures and mentioned that they were kind of cute. Eventually we landed on this one for the good variety of goodbyes. Contrast is a little rough, but I alsoContinue reading “Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 30 – See Ya Real Soon”

Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 29 – Haunted Mansion

  Huzzah! A happy shot of a haunted mansion! I think my favorite part about this picture is the weather vane ^.^ There were some WDI Disney pins that depicted weather vanes and haunted mansion is one of them, so this was a key point in this shot. It may not be the focus butContinue reading “Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 29 – Haunted Mansion”

Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 27 – Donald

      Who’s the number one duck?!?! Alright, that is an easy one. This is… yet again, SOUNDSATIONAL PARADE! Sense a pattern here? Do you know where I am going with this? So, if you haven’t guessed or read, Soundational Parade is one of my favorites! This was perfect timing – I think someone mayContinue reading “Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 27 – Donald”

Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 26 – Friendship Boat

      Friendship boat… like some of the other categories this one stumped me a bit. This is a great picture… and the Mark Twain is a great boat… and it means a lot to the Disney legacy… so… that’s all you get. Friendship Boat 🙂 -A

Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 25 – Magical Moment

    Well…dropped the ball a bit with these scheduled posts – apologies! Day 25 is/was Magical Moment. One of my favorite recent memories is the first time I went to Disneyland as a part of the magic. Soundsational parade is one of my favorite parades of all time so I made sure to getContinue reading “Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 25 – Magical Moment”

Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 23 – Joy

    I’ll keep it short today: Joy. There is nothing quite like hearing the Dapper Dans for the first time… until you see them on their bicycle and hear them sing “a bicycle built for… four!” It’s so joyful that I didn’t even want to edit this picture… it’s just so colourful! -A

Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 22 – Iconic

    When I visit a Disney Park there are a few things that are mandatory to-do’s while I am there, but one of the most important is Walt Disney’s The Enchanted Tiki Room. There is something about experiencing an attraction that is so classic and iconic like this that just makes you feel likeContinue reading “Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 22 – Iconic”