If there was one thing that I could say with confidence about our wedding, aside from eff ya I got married to an awesome man, I would say that it was us. Honestly, there were a lot of things that I didn’t like about our wedding – but… none of them were things that I had control over AND none of them were things that could have reflected us. I won’t go… Read More

Almost one month ago I had it in my brain that I was some how going to post every day before our wedding – I’d love to laugh at that ambitious girl now because that definitely did not happen. The wedding has come and gone, leaving me the official Mrs. A Squared. In an odd sense I thought that I would feel different. I definitely did not expect a sense of “wifey… Read More

We are in the two-week crunch and, like a handful of brides, I have it in my head that I want everything done the week before… so I am basically giving myself them next five *two* (shows you when I last had a break to write this) days if you count today. Or if you consider Monday the start of the week, then I have six days. Sounds mind melting really –… Read More