Alright. I post here and then I don’t post here. It comes and goes, and its in bursts, but I’m back again with another project.


There are 26 days left in my 26th year on this planet so I thought let’s do this! We’ve been through every day May Amy, what’s next. And the answer is more challenges for myself and pushing the limits of my creativity.

What can you expect? I wish I had a cut throat detailed answer for you, but all I can say is keep an eye on my social media channels. The next 26 days will entail posts across my main platforms:



May Amy – #23 – Engage!

Dear Amy at 22,

Another year of interesting things! We are now pacing ourselves well with university and everything seems to be going fairly well. The time has come for a new car, so we pick out two and ask our grandparents to grab one for us and we will send them the money — there are more cars out in the Lower Mainland. In the end we end up with something a little newer than what we wanted. It’s still around… took a lot though so have some patience over the next few years.

With all of our classes in order and projects underway there is a lot going on. Alex is also in post secondary and there isn’t a ton of time for us together which stresses things. There is also a bit of tension between our friends, so we start hanging out with people from school because we have a few things in common. Definitely different from the type of people that we have hung out in the past, so this too adds a bit stress to the situation.

Come March there is our own issue of emotional detachment, and another guy, and it causes issues. Regardless of what happens, Alex works everything out with us and we continue on our adventure together. We visit his family for Easter and then our car dies so he has to drive us around. Everything seems to be evening out so we decide to go on a new adventure together. East Coast Canada or Disneyland (Alex has never been), but it ends up that Disneyland is cheaper so on we go in June!

Whatever our suspicions, just go with everything. When we get dropped off at the airport, Alex’s dad asks why he was in the spare room that morning and his mom kicks him under the table. Our room is at the Park Vue Inn, right across from the Disneyland walk way, and it is amazing with its giant jacuzzi tub in the room! He tells us not to go through his bag twice for two completely different reasons, tells us not to wait for him at customs as they search his bag, has to go back to the hotel for a nap part way through our first day there, and then leaves us to talk to some woman. Weirdest day ever. Eventually we film the fireworks for his Dad or something… and then in front of the magical castle after the fireworks, he proposes. Seriously heart stopping and awkward, we say no a bunch of times because its awkward and then say of course.

We search all over for the engagement buttons, that were retired the year before, but we manage to find two at a hotel. We get free stitching on our hats and free drinks. It was amazing. Even the next day cast members were asking us if we were the Castle couple, and later in the week there was a different couple in Frontierland so that was cute to be asked which one we were.

After the excitement of the summer, we head to Leavenworth with his parents for Thanksgiving and Oktoberfest. The excitement just continues and we have an amazing time. The beer, the eats, and the atmosphere there are just amazing. Everyone is friendly and there are collectible pins, and Alex and I have our own room and things just feel like they are getting into place. Let the wedding planning begin!


Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 30 – See Ya Real Soon



This was another tricky one for me. Mr. A Squared noticed a few of these when I was hunting for It’s a Small World pictures and mentioned that they were kind of cute. Eventually we landed on this one for the good variety of goodbyes. Contrast is a little rough, but I also appreciate the plethora of ‘so longs.’ It is also kind of unique as a final picture because it is the ultimate picture of this challenge. Aside from the last few pictures, this challenge was mostly on time and quite fun for me. This has been a challenge for me on other levels as well because it is often hard for me to share pieces. It isn’t so much that I am afraid of critique, but more so to do with my self-confidence. Writing through these posts everyday and putting these photos out there is thoroughly refreshing and also makes me excited to share future posts and photos.

Here’s to the creative struggle of us all – and sometimes personal fear as well – may it slowly be forced back into the shadows as we find and guide our light into the future.

Because that wasn’t weird at all.


Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 29 – Haunted Mansion


Huzzah! A happy shot of a haunted mansion! I think my favorite part about this picture is the weather vane ^.^

There were some WDI Disney pins that depicted weather vanes and haunted mansion is one of them, so this was a key point in this shot. It may not be the focus but it definitely ads to it. I also have a fondess for all of the detail of the rails and edging. Old mansions like this just warm my heart… even if they are slightly creepy.



Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 27 – Donald




Who’s the number one duck?!?! Alright, that is an easy one. This is… yet again, SOUNDSATIONAL PARADE! Sense a pattern here? Do you know where I am going with this? So, if you haven’t guessed or read, Soundational Parade is one of my favorites! This was perfect timing – I think someone may have yelled Donald, the float was just about to enter the gates at the end and shebam: number one duck!


Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 25 – Magical Moment



Well…dropped the ball a bit with these scheduled posts – apologies!

Day 25 is/was Magical Moment. One of my favorite recent memories is the first time I went to Disneyland as a part of the magic. Soundsational parade is one of my favorite parades of all time so I made sure to get a great spot during this visit. I spoke with a few of the CMs and talked about the work and the location, made sure I was in an area that was acceptable, the usual things you do to make sure everyone is sound. I even scootched over a bit to make sure that there was room for some kids on the curb next to me. When the music started I couldn’t help myself (T.T) and I just started singing and dancing and taking pictures. Eventually the end was around the corner and here was this CM just belting it out and having a good time. I like to think we were having a singing jam or a duet of sorts. When the verses had ended he practically clapped for me – I think he was so excited someone new all the words, but I was just excited to have shared the moment. He made it feel like I was a part of the parade even though I wasn’t and that is what magical moments are all about – when you feel enveloped by the magic around you.

Thank you Chimney Sweep CM! You are amazing.