Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 1 – Chocolate

Away we go with day one – Chocolate!

It’s chocolate mousse from Le Cellier! They didn’t have it on the menu at the time, but it was offered to us as a daily dessert offering and I was so excited when I saw it – adorable! Mousse shaped like Moose! And so very tasty!


So I stumbled across this wonderful thing awhile back, but I wasn’t sure that I could commit to something like this. Yes, I know that sounds a little silly – but trust me… having a picture for each of the categories would be a challenge given how often I get out to a Disney Park. However, I saw this new challenge today and thought.. hmm… I could do that… let’s give it a whirl!

If you haven’t seen or heard of this particular challenge before, basically you just post a picture for each of the categories every day.


If Disney and Photos are two things that you love like no one’s business, or you just think they are awesome in general, then I would definitely recommend checking out some of the hashtags (‪#‎dizcolors‬,‪#‎DisneyColors‬, #disneycolorschallengeJune15 and ‪#‎igers_wdw‬) and also the webpage http://www.disneycolors.com


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