May Amy #11: Getting there

Dear Amy at 10, My letters are getting a little later and later, but the content still means the same. It’s going to be a somewhat boring year for us… at least compared to last year. This year we get the back half of grade five and the earlier portion of grade six. Good news isContinue reading “May Amy #11: Getting there”

May Amy #10: Welcome to Alberta

Dear Amy at 9, We’ve been in Alberta a handful of days before our birthday and they have been interesting. I think the worst part about moving so close to our day of birth, at least at this age, is that even if we could have a birthday party… we wouldn’t know who to invite.Continue reading “May Amy #10: Welcome to Alberta”

May Amy #9: Libraries

Dear Amy at 8, Libraries are a still very prevalent in our lives. I mentioned it once before and I will say it again. The nice thing about libraries, aside from the common interest with Mom, is that they are peaceful. We’re never much for quiet, but when we want it the library is thereContinue reading “May Amy #9: Libraries”

May Amy #8: Bird Club

Dear Amy at 7, With the Bird Club in full swing it was bound to get some enemies… at least the type of enemies that a 7-year-old makes. At this age, everyone will tell you that the boys are picking on you or chasing you around because they like you. Always seemed a bit weirdContinue reading “May Amy #8: Bird Club”

May Amy #6: School time

Dear Amy at 5, It’s safe to say that we really started to develop our personality around this time. Sure, we had our spunk before, but when you put us in awkward situations all of our spark shines. It’s also safe to tell you that we do not like being put on the spot, butContinue reading “May Amy #6: School time”

May Amy #4: Onward, same height

Dear Amy at 3, We are quite the interesting individual at this stage in our life. You may be aware that our first word was chocolate, but I want you to know that this does not mean you should consume every piece you get  your hands on. This year for Halloween you will be aContinue reading “May Amy #4: Onward, same height”

May Amy #3: Terrible Twos

Dear Amy at 2, That saying that you will hear often, “the terrible twos,” ya… that was pretty much made for you. I would hesitate to give us that much credit, but my mind knows that as a small child we were boisterous and emotional. Somethings never change but they do get easier to handle.Continue reading “May Amy #3: Terrible Twos”