May Amy #2: It’s been a year, so what do you think?

Dear Amy at 1,

To be honest, I am not even sure if this picture accurately represents us at one. Your math and age skills will probably never get better than they are around now so do not panic. Someone will one day tell you that “math is life” and it is some what true, but don’t stress about it.

As a side note, what you put in your hands is not always edible. Grass, although some types are delicious in certain scenarios, should not be eaten straight from the yard. It’s nice and cool on your skin, but if you pull it out then it will no longer be there for you to play in… and besides you do not know what has touched that stuff.

Other important things to note include:

  • Some blonde hairs will go away and that is okay regardless of what our mother thinks. Not too fond of them later on in life anyway.
  • It hurts to receive teeth, and will later hurt to lose them, but they will open doors to more wondrous tastes. Take them in stride and use them while you can. Also – dentists are your friends and there are tastier things than your thumb.
  • An animal’s hair should not be pulled at… you may learn this the hard way, but they are only a bit scary when you do not pet gently.

I’m sure there are other things but, as you will learn, our memory often fades a little more than we would like. It’s easily combated by utilizing our writing skills though. Words are also your friends.


Published by Amy

A Master of the Wizengamot, Amy is the founder and creative entity behind The Power of Mess: a collective of creativity and social media. If she could be any superhero she would be Superman, her favorite holiday is Halloween, she is a collector of Disney pins, and is unbeaten at Harry Potter Scene-it. By day she is a pursuer and smith of words, and by night she is a level 8 Halfling Wizard by the name Azaelia Teagloom (soon to be a novel #Teagloom).

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