May Amy #21: Loss

Dear Amy at 20, Congratulations, you officially have a degree! The year starts out the same, still at Staples, still in school, but by June we are fully moved in with Alex and we finish the school year with some alright photos. Everyone comes down and there are some good family shots too – butContinue reading “May Amy #21: Loss”

May Amy #19: Changes

Dear Amy at 18, Right around now we start plotting ways to get out of here. The town is too small, our car is gone, we are back together with L but they aren’t going so well, and all things considered we just want to go back to school. A degree isn’t anything we areContinue reading “May Amy #19: Changes”

May Amy #18: Graduation

Dear Amy at 17, We made it, but this year is a bit taxing as well. To start off, our French class is going to Quebec but we are sick the week of fundraising. We come back to school and discuss doing our own fundraising, but we are told that instead of allowing us toContinue reading “May Amy #18: Graduation”

May Amy #17: Lessons

Dear Amy at 16, Out of all of the letters this may be the hardest to read and write. It isn’t easy mentally being us at this age. You will hear a lot of “it gets better,” and it does, but it is hard for us to see it. Our friendships are weird, our relationshipsContinue reading “May Amy #17: Lessons”

May Amy #16: Boyfriends

Dear Amy at 15, This is it – your first high school relationship. It’s an odd thought, but it really shouldn’t have been. There was this odd back and forth between us and this guy that we refer to as LG. Basically, he says that he would never get another person to ask someone outContinue reading “May Amy #16: Boyfriends”

May Amy #15: High School

Dear Amy at 14, What I remember most about our first few months of high school is that we were exceptionally out-of-place and out numbered by those who weren’t. When you  first walk into our high school there are a few directions that you can go, but if you opt to go straight there isContinue reading “May Amy #15: High School”

May Amy #14: Oreo Commercials

Dear Amy at 13, Despite having moved here earlier this year, you may still feel compelled to try to make more friends by lying about how interesting your life is. Some of my personal favorites are telling people that we lived in France for a bit, and that we were in an Oreo commercial. WeContinue reading “May Amy #14: Oreo Commercials”

May Amy #13: The odd years

Dear Amy at 12, Grade 7 is a weird one for us. Although it happens a few months before our 12th birthday, 9/11 happens. I remember Mom waking us up and telling us that our father had called – it was 6ish in the morning and Mom was just crying at the television. There was liveContinue reading “May Amy #13: The odd years”

May Amy #12: To OK and back

Dear Amy at 11, It’s a weird year. Grade six starts off by us declaring that we will run in the race for Grade Six Student Council as Secretary… and that is just odd. Our campaign posters consist of our name, the position, and a comic cut out from various newspapers. We just want toContinue reading “May Amy #12: To OK and back”