Moving is something that has become a part of my genetics at this point. Having grown up with my parents separated and pursuing their own lives, it meant that I was always moving between houses regardless of whether or not I would return to them. Sometimes it was just going away for the weekend, and ~11 times it meant that we were actually moving out of the house. We have moved 4… Read More

Dear Amy at 25, Congrats! We are half way to fifty and we have a lot to be thankful for. Things may have taken longer than we originally thought they would, but there are a ton of things to be thankful for. Aside from the new job, in December we are featured on a blog for work, we have our first VoluntEAR experience, and we are planning our first trip as a… Read More

Dear Amy at 17, We made it, but this year is a bit taxing as well. To start off, our French class is going to Quebec but we are sick the week of fundraising. We come back to school and discuss doing our own fundraising, but we are told that instead of allowing us to do that they are replacing us with 11th graders. This means that most of our friends are… Read More

Dear Amy at 7, With the Bird Club in full swing it was bound to get some enemies… at least the type of enemies that a 7-year-old makes. At this age, everyone will tell you that the boys are picking on you or chasing you around because they like you. Always seemed a bit weird to me that this sort of thing started out so early in life, but if that’s the… Read More

Dear Amy at 6, Moving to us is almost second nature, but be prepared for another. In fact, you may have already moved again by the time you hit six – that’s at least four or five moves now. One thing that stays constant is the library. Regardless of where we move, now or later, Mom always finds the library and makes sure that we find our way there. Before we used… Read More

It’s been a few months since my last post and things have changed… as they always have: My youngest sibling, Jennifer, graduates this month… which means I have aged as much as I think I have I parted ways with the wonderful online geek magazine that gave me a shot, Paper Droids, to pursue my own writing My car is back on the road and lovely as ever – will soon be… Read More