Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 25 – Magical Moment

    Well…dropped the ball a bit with these scheduled posts – apologies! Day 25 is/was Magical Moment. One of my favorite recent memories is the first time I went to Disneyland as a part of the magic. Soundsational parade is one of my favorite parades of all time so I made sure to getContinue reading “Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 25 – Magical Moment”

Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 23 – Joy

    I’ll keep it short today: Joy. There is nothing quite like hearing the Dapper Dans for the first time… until you see them on their bicycle and hear them sing “a bicycle built for… four!” It’s so joyful that I didn’t even want to edit this picture… it’s just so colourful! -A

Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 22 – Iconic

    When I visit a Disney Park there are a few things that are mandatory to-do’s while I am there, but one of the most important is Walt Disney’s The Enchanted Tiki Room. There is something about experiencing an attraction that is so classic and iconic like this that just makes you feel likeContinue reading “Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 22 – Iconic”

Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 21 – Tigger

    Alright – this one is a story and a half, but I will do my best to whittle it down. My middle sister, K, and I both graduated in 2013 so we decided to go to Disneyland as a celebration. When we got there I of course went straight to the graduation earsContinue reading “Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 21 – Tigger”

Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 19 – Walt Would Love This

    Walt Disney is quite simply amazing in my eyes. When I think of all the things he will never have a chance to know or experience, things that he had a hand in creating, it makes me feel a small sense of sorrow. There are many things that I think Walt would loveContinue reading “Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 19 – Walt Would Love This”

Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 18 – Under the Sea

    I had been hoping for a great shot of Ariel from Soundsational, but alas it was not meant to be. Will need to get a few more parade shots when I am in a Disney Park next. Ideally that will be around the corner (fingers crossed), but whatever will be will be. OutContinue reading “Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 18 – Under the Sea”

Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 17 – Frozen

      Frozen – you know that little movie that came out a few years back? I remember seeing it not once, but twice in theatres and thinking that there was finally a Disney princess that I could relate to: Anna. Of course, I always related to Belle intellectually and with her test inContinue reading “Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 17 – Frozen”

Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 16 – Tower of Terror

So I saw an awesome photo of Tower of Terror a few days ago and was unsure of my decision to post this picture. The lighting isn’t as strong as it could be, and my attempts to correct it didn’t necessarily work so… HERE IT IS! That’s all.   -A