Dear Amy at 19, The year starts off with a bang — not really. A few days before our birthday we find out that the cost of an eye exam goes up when you hit 19, so we go the day before our birthday and it turns out that we need glasses. We think its funny considering how often we would wear other people’s glasses to add an accessory. Alex knows that… Read More

Dear Amy at 18, Right around now we start plotting ways to get out of here. The town is too small, our car is gone, we are back together with L but they aren’t going so well, and all things considered we just want to go back to school. A degree isn’t anything we are interested in, but we definitely want to get back out there and beef up our grammar and… Read More

    Alright – this one is a story and a half, but I will do my best to whittle it down. My middle sister, K, and I both graduated in 2013 so we decided to go to Disneyland as a celebration. When we got there I of course went straight to the graduation ears and got them all stitched. Tigger was immediately drawn to this as a unique way to interact… Read More