It’s a small world after all. -A

So I saw an awesome photo of Tower of Terror a few days ago and was unsure of my decision to post this picture. The lighting isn’t as strong as it could be, and my attempts to correct it didn’t necessarily work so… HERE IT IS! That’s all.   -A

  Sad to say that I never had a chance to see SpectroMagic in person – nor The Main Street Electrical Parade! At least I may have a chance to see the Paint the Night parade this year, but the closest I could come to SpectroMagic was the Piece of Disney History pins that I have from SpectroMagic for Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. Seeing as the parade lights up the night, I… Read More

  Day ten is “Peaceful” and I think this is perfect. I have a few shots of this fountain on a variety of settings to just test out the lighting at night with movement. Of all the types… this one is one of my favorites, it just has the right mixture of blurred and still action with the water. -A