Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 19 – Walt Would Love This



Walt Disney is quite simply amazing in my eyes. When I think of all the things he will never have a chance to know or experience, things that he had a hand in creating, it makes me feel a small sense of sorrow. There are many things that I think Walt would love and be proud of, but I think most of all he would be proud of his Cast Members and how far TWDC family has come – especially (cherry on top) Imagineering.

If you know me then you know that Imagineering is my top of tops. If there is one thing that I could assist with in any sort of way, it is Imagineering. I’ll get there one day, but for now it is undeniable how far WDI has come. From its roots as WED Enterprises and all the levels in between, WDI has accomplished some amazing things that everyone – especially Walt – will appreciate and love. Although it is just a small part of what WDI encompasses, the ever-changing design and calibre of attractions is a great example of this. All of the hidden, mechanical, design, storyline, audio, and animatronic aspects that go into creating and constantly revamping these attractions is 100% unbelievable, but it is also 100% awesome that a team can push the boundaries and bring them to life.

This particular picture… if you aren’t aware, is of the Sorcerer Mickey statue at the Glendale office with an Imagineering building in the background. I may have needed to mention that sooner, but my tangent on WDI was still on point.

To think that all of this started with a mouse and now here it is – just brilliant.


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