Dear Amy at 24, This is it – this year is all of our stress and nerves bundled up. We would be lying if we said we hadn’t been planning the wedding since Alex gave us our first wedding planner for a Valentines Day many moons ago. Thanks to our long engagement, the biggest worry is just paying everything off rather than locking down contracts – something we did almost right after… Read More

My in-law’s dog has been sick since last October and lately it has been getting worse. Now that they are vacationing in Cuba, of course the dog has gotten worse – like some sort of clockwork of depression. It always seems that something like this happens to us. I joke to others about my life playing out like one of those movies and it seems so standard when I recount tales of… Read More

I would be lying if I said that this hasn’t been on my mind this week; that the thought of losing my cat wasn’t debilitating; that I haven’t spent hours crying over the part of the couch where he slept. It is just hard. If I were to read these words out loud or try to mention them in conversation I would burst into tears, but the internet can belay that for some reason…. Read More

This morning the world has lost a great pair of whiskers. I met Jones almost seven years ago when I walked into the house of my now husband. He was a funny bugger and knew how to suck up like no one else could. He greeted me at the stairs so eager to make sure that I, as the new comer, knew that this was his world and it was my job… Read More

Always wanted to see myself in a .gif – we need a day for them. Now I am not a pro at this… but here are some quick .gif from my 2011 Project for Awesome for Raise-A-Reader -A