Gif Friday: My-Autopost-doesn’t-like-me-edtion

In this edition I am sharing some links from the wonderous vlog where I discussed the Dragon Ball Z drinking game by friend was talking about. First I pretend to be Superman Apparently I pretend to be the Godfather And then I prentend to be Master Roshi And of course I am me for aContinue reading “Gif Friday: My-Autopost-doesn’t-like-me-edtion”

Gif Day – JonesLeCat Style

I would be lying if I said that this hasn’t been on my mind this week; that the thought of losing my cat wasn’t debilitating; that I haven’t spent hours crying over the part of the couch where he slept. It is just hard. If I were to read these words out loud or tryContinue reading “Gif Day – JonesLeCat Style”