Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 14 – Minnie

Good news – I have a picture with Minnie… bad news… it’s not the greatest, but my hair looks cool. One of my fondest memories of my first trip to Disneyland is when I met Alice for the first time. This was pre-character-handlers, so there was no one assisting or regulating the meet and greets.Continue reading “Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 14 – Minnie”

Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 9 – Mickey Bar

  Honesty box time! (That’s something that I said once or twice when I was an avid Youtuber) I don’t think I have ever eaten a Mickey Bar… but its a sweet treat on a stick so I figured this is a good place holder until I try one. My sister took this one, butContinue reading “Disney Colors Photo Challenge – 9 – Mickey Bar”