Super Tuesday x 2

Last day at Shaw today and let me tell you something – even though I am taking the next step towards my goals and dreams, I feel like I am losing a part of my family.

Six years I spent at Staples and when I left I felt as though I would miss some people but not the company. Here it is completely different. I may have not fit in at first, sometimes it can be hard to feel out who you can get along with and who you shouldn’t test the waters with, but these people are just amazing. A little over a year and yet when people found out it was my last day, or my last day was coming up, they were surprised. And not just the kind of surprised where you put on a mask and feign that you care – no – you can tell that I wasn’t just another piece of furniture. Makes me sad. Not so much that I’m going but that there are so many people who I will miss interactions with.

So hang out with them later, you say.

Sure that sounds easy enough but how easy is it really? I can add them on Facebook, monitor from afar, have coffee with some, but it isn’t the same.

People call in to call centres and they either expect everything or nothing. Some people don’t even treat you like you are a person yourself, they view you as the company – another piece of the corporate system. And yet – despite all of this, these souls still answer another call after despite how the last one was because they are surrounded with support. We can laugh together, we can compare notes, and yes we can even complain to each other. It’s this atmosphere, these humans… they are amazing. Especially Billing and Technical Reps – I sometimes wonder if my sanity would have stayed without being welcomed and supported by these folks.

Schmendrick says there are no happy endings, because nothing ends. Or I suppose Peter S. Beagle put the words in his mouth, but it means the same. These people are amazing with or without me, but I won’t be the same after meeting them.

And if one more person hugs me I may cry.

My boss’ boss even hugged me good-bye. Made a point of asking last week when my last day was, and then came over today to say goodbye. And I completely teared up.

The outpouring of support is the most phenomenal feeling.


All of that was written last Tuesday… For some reason or another it didn’t post but now it stands – unedited and unchanged.

Today is also a Super Tuesday.

It is almost funny to me that this is a term I still used. Six years with Staples and almost six years of Super Tuesdays – being the term used for the Tuesday after Labor Day when parents run for any school supplies they forgot… or perhaps just all of them in general because they have yet to shop.

Super Tuesday at Staples.

Super Tuesday for my last day at Shaw.

Super Tuesday to mark the end of my first week with my new job.

It has been a whirlwind.

When Mr A Squared and I went proclaimed that Adventure Was Out There! and jetted off on our honeymoon I spent a good chunk of time soaking it it. This is where I wanted to be. I wanted the feeling of acceptance, creativity, and endless possibility to be my career. Not just a day job. I spoke with an artist during the crazy Villains Party at Hollywood Studios about how he got there and what he wanted to do. He was sitting in a booth int he middle of the shop filled with original art and prints from some artists who have definitely earned their mouse ears, and his job for the afternoon was just drawing the same image multiple times; a limited edition sketch for the Villains Party, that I believe was a limited run of 500 but don’t quote me on that. Being in an open area, guests are encouraged to watch him draw – and unlike some desks like this in Disneyland the one in Hollywood Studios is quite open so it made for easy discussion.

He was quite polite and patient, spoke at length about how he had gone to school for cartooning and animating, and his goal was to work in the studio. After graduation he managed to get a small cast member role in the artistic sector of Disney and moved his way up in the course of a few years. What he said didn’t fall on deaf ears – I think my husband was somewhat bored but he appreciates my curiosity – especially when it comes to my ambitions. He continued to say that persistence is key, and I mentioned how I things were limited because of being Canadian – within reason. There are opportunities for Canadians just not as many, but I had been applying to them like I had no other life goal. He seemed to appreciate that. It was a good conversation – and now I have a new goal.


54654654Not the best picture from our honeymoon but I think it suits it. Disney World 2014

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