Long time, no write!

Hello, World!

Lots and lots going on… at least it feels that way:

  •  Working on some new cosplays even though I didn’t originally plan to this year
  • My car didn’t work then it worked anyway and then it got towed… seriously the dumbest thing this year
  • I’ve signed up for the Infinity Gauntlet challenge with RunDisney
  • Florida trip is officially happening in September
  • Almost at 100 geocaches (!)
  • Working on a project team at work
  • Had Beta access and pre-ordered Overwatch
  • Granted media access for Calgary Expo
  • I have been doing an everyday for the last few weeks

And there are some things coming up still:

  • Marathon training
  • Trip to Florida
  • Calgary Expo coverage at the end of the month
  • Working on a series for May

Its going to be a bit, but I will probably post some of my everyday on here too.


Holiday Card Exchange!

Hello, World!

I love holidays, I love this time of year, I love snail mail, and I just love the fact that all of these things can be combined.

Let’s get straight – I want to collect as many cards as I possibly can. This will require convincing people to send them, and I know that the postal system is a little wonky so it would probably arrive late – but I would like them.

So if you have an extra card that you don’t want to store for next year or toss away into recycled abyss, or perhaps you are like me and just haven’t sent your cards yet then I hope you will consider sending that paper greeting my way. Christmas is a big thing for us, but I am open to any and all kinds of cards – you probably couldn’t offend me if you tried, I am incredibly open. If I have managed to sway you then here is what you’ll need:

ScrtSolstice or Amy
<address no longer available>

If you would like a card in exchange I am happy to send one! You can send your postal address to my email: scrt.solstice@gmail.com; if you’d rather, you can make sure its big and bold on your envelope and I will send you a card using that address once I have received yours.

I’m in no panic – so if you are sending them late or are the type to send new years cards, please do! I’m just happy to be considered. =]

Merry Christmas and happy holidays no matter what you and yours celebrate. Warm winter wishes!


Things I’ve learned…. from listening to the radio in South California

I have spent the better part of this week in and around South California and, boy let me tell you something, I have learned a lot. Keep in mind that this is in just a generic sense, so I suppose it is more of assumptions or things I have come across repeatedly, which I will now claim as things I know – like an explorer on the top of a mountain with a flag claiming this for England… only no England.

Things I have learned… from listening to the radio in South California:

  • You can find at least 15 radio stations in your choice of English or Spanish (comparative to the one french channel back home, I prefer this). Quite often I would locate a great song by scanning the radio and then when it had finished the announcer would come back and it would be Spanish. I may need to learn Spanish after this trip because those channels had some great music.
  • There are two religious channels (that I could find), but I thought there would be more, AND there is a whoppin’ one country station (that I could find). Apparently So Cal-ians are like me and don’t need more of either of those >.>
  • Every Channel (which I could understand) has a name that consists of one-damn-word; ALT FM, ME FM, ROCK FM, DAZE FM — the last two are made up, I couldn’t remember it was too late. Not sure why everything needs one word though… and I guess it’s the same back home, but these ones coincide with the genre they are playing where as we have “Juice” and “Silk” and “Sun”…
  • Advertisements are more inclusive of all kinds of people comparative to those back home. The ads are directed towards humans rather than titles (for the most part) and do not make assumptions about the type of person you are (for the most part).
  • In a fifteen minute drive, I am more likely to hear more music than commercials because there are less of them and because of the high variety of channels I can switch to.
  • Perez Hilton is father, which is awesome because it showcases how little I know or care about daily lives of people considered celebrity.
  • Despite having so much variety, commercials are 60% the same or the same content. If I have to hear one more “America get your money back” or  “its refund season” I may never  listen to the radio again.

I am sure that I will think of something else after I post this, but for now that is it. I started writing this post last week when I was in South California… and now I have been home for a week! No wonder its such a short list.