Holiday Card Exchange!

Hello, World!

I love holidays, I love this time of year, I love snail mail, and I just love the fact that all of these things can be combined.

Let’s get straight – I want to collect as many cards as I possibly can. This will require convincing people to send them, and I know that the postal system is a little wonky so it would probably arrive late – but I would like them.

So if you have an extra card that you don’t want to store for next year or toss away into recycled abyss, or perhaps you are like me and just haven’t sent your cards yet then I hope you will consider sending that paper greeting my way. Christmas is a big thing for us, but I am open to any and all kinds of cards – you probably couldn’t offend me if you tried, I am incredibly open. If I have managed to sway you then here is what you’ll need:

ScrtSolstice or Amy
<address no longer available>

If you would like a card in exchange I am happy to send one! You can send your postal address to my email:; if you’d rather, you can make sure its big and bold on your envelope and I will send you a card using that address once I have received yours.

I’m in no panic – so if you are sending them late or are the type to send new years cards, please do! I’m just happy to be considered. =]

Merry Christmas and happy holidays no matter what you and yours celebrate. Warm winter wishes!


Nanowrimo is over and it is safe to change my banner

This year was a tough year for me with Nano.

As far as time was concerned it was going to be an awesome year because I had a regular schedule, with set shifts and days off – everything was going to work out. I started off strong and about a week in I came across a user who had already reached 50,000 words and for whatver reason my ambition was taken down a few pegs. Let’s chalk it up to the fact that I am an impressionable person, I like competition as a means to increase my ambition when when individuals are so far ahead it becomes disheartening. Good news? Spoiler Alert? I made it to 50,000.

What I love most about Nanowrimo is that it is you and your book and the only thing in your way is yourself. It takes some flexibility, perserverance, and a dash of adaptability. So another novel has come and gone.. sort of… “Death Defines Us” (workign title) still has a great deal of editing to do, but the plot is something that I really enjoyed creating.

November has only just ended and I have already begun to dive into costumes for the upcoming conventions AND a whole new project of sorts. Which as of right now kind of looks like a mess, but I’ll leave some preview shots. Its going to be a good year with more of a presence on the site and else where!