Monthly Archives: June 2014

My mother-in-law received a desktop flip chart this week that is composed of various moods. Though I disagree that some of these are moods, the vast majority I can stand as a living proof of their existence in the mood category. Lately I have been nothing but stressed, overwhelmed, and lets just say… istlesslay. Monday and Tuesday of this week went by somewhat swimmingly; I had a mentee this week, I was… Read More

As with most people born in the same time frame as myself, the first time I started a blog was in high school. I detailed everything from my daily life and was ecstatic when I was invited to Livejournal – yes back then you needed an invite to Livejournal to make your own blog. No piece of my day was unimportant, especially those that involved my experiences with boys or my overly… Read More